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Software modernisation for SaaS providers

Transform outdated systems into cutting-edge platforms with our software modernisation plans
Increase your software's efficiency and UX
Rebuild on modern technology stacks
Mitigate security and data privacy risks
Trusted by leading brands & partners

Transform outdated systems into future-proof platforms

While customers expect the highest standards in user experience and security, legacy systems use outdated architecture and tech stacks—prohibiting growth.

At Olympia Tech, we're specialised in the modernisation of legacy systems. We use an efficient methodology to transform outdated SaaS (or other) systems and turn them into platforms that are compelling, safe and future-proof

Olympia Tech's modernisation advantages

Elevated user experience

Adapt apps to different devices, screen sizes, and user preferences, ensuring a consistent, compelling cross-platform experience

Modular architecture

Develop modular software allowing components to be updated, replaced, or extended without requiring an overhaul of the entire system

Open source & standards

Rely on open standards reducing the risk of becoming tied to obsolete or proprietary technologies

Security and data privacy

Build software with a security-focused mindset to protect your business and users from malicious actors

APIs and interoperability

Design to work well with other systems, using standard protocols and open formats, ensuring it can integrate with new tools or platforms as they emerge

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Delightful UX to make your software stand out

Redefine the digital journey for your users. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies and deep UX insights, we transform your product to ensure your software stands out and truly engages your users

Modular architecture for rapid innovation cycles

Transition towards a modular, layered architecture with clear module boundaries and responsibilities.

  • Faster release cycles
  • Reduce maintenance costs
  • Increase software quality

Our unique approach

Proven methods for modernization

Our process has withstood the test of time and guarantees a successful outcome. Conscious of time and workload for our clients, we start with a series of workshops to learn about the systems, business processes, rules and actors—and document valuable insights. This allows us to identify challenges at the early stages of a project and enables us to conduct an accurate assessment of time, budget and resource needs.

Olympia Tech's Accelerators

By making smart use of AI & automation, code analysis tools, open-source and reusable components—you can achieve an accelerated time-to-market of more than 30%. We break down projects into epics and use a sprint-based approach to deliver value incrementally, while collecting user and market feedback.

We are Digital Athletes

We are passionate co-creators that like to stay ahead of the curve. Using the latest trends in engineering, cloud, data and AI, we build simple, innovative digital solutions to make your business thrive
25+ Digital Athletes
150+ Projects Done
3 Global Offices
Passion drives us at Olympia Tech. Our mission? To unleash your digital potential! We are the team behind your new initiatives!
About us

Our mission is to unleash the world's innovation power

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Creating exceptional digital experiences

From the spark of an idea to the final deployment, our digital teams empower you and help you launch better, faster. Whether it's a cutting-edge mobile app, a feature-rich website, or a bespoke software solution, we bring your vision to life with precision, creativity, and a deep understanding of your business needs

Passionate about what we do and equipped with the latest tech skills, we commit to making your product stand out from the crowd, always exceeding your expectations
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