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How we rebranded and redesigned a real estate platform for an Eco Resort

Mobile development (iOS)
Back-end development (.NET/C#)
Project management

Case in brief

At Olympiatech, we champion the power of partnership. Our latest venture has seen us team up with Dynamix Studio to tackle a unique challenge. During a vacation in Turkey, one of the founders of Dynamix Studio experienced firsthand some hiccups while booking at the eco-resort, Babakamp. This encounter sparked a conversation with the resort's owner and led to an incredible opportunity. Dynamix Studio crafted an innovative strategy for a complete overhaul of the resort's branding and website design. We were invited to bring our technical expertise to the table, specifically to enhance the website's backend infrastructure. Together, we're set to elevate the online customer experience to new heights.

Fully-functioning new website with booking sytem in 2,5 months
Tech stack: Wordpress CMS | .Net / C# | Woocommerce 
Team of 4 people (2 designers, 2 engineers)

Project background

From accommodation-centric to prioritizing events

Babakamp is making a strategic shift in its business approach, moving from a primary focus on accommodations to spotlighting events. This exciting pivot is driven by the owner's insight into the vibrant energy and increased enthusiasm that events generate. The goal is to attract not just individuals but larger parties to the resort. Especially during the peak summer season, the plan is to incentivize guests to pair their stay with the dynamic events on offer, creating an integrated experience that's both enriching and memorable.

Redesign website Babakamp Eco-Resort

As with any narrative of progress, Babakamp has faced its share of hurdles, particularly regarding its digital footprint. The existing website presents barriers that are restricting the resort's expansion and full expression of its brand.

The key issues we're poised to tackle include:

- Non-functioning Reservation System
- Inefficient User Experience
- Design misalignment with Babakamp's            story and values

Technology stack

Front-end / Mobile
a versatile CMS platform for building and managing websites easily.
Back-end APIs
Known for performance, security, modularity and lightweight characteristics
Strong reputation for its performance, extensibility and robustness

Our approach

The Challenges

Recognizing these challenges, we crafted the following solution; a harmonious blend of aesthetics and functionality. Our mission is to redefine Babakamp’s online identity to mirror the resort’s commitment to an enriching, eco-centric lifestyle.

The objectives are clear and interwoven into a compelling story of growth and opportunity:

  • Enhanced User Experience: By revamping navigation, accelerating responsiveness, and infusing the design with the resort's essence, we aim to make the website a seamless extension of the Babakamp experience.
  • Increase in Conversions: The website is set to become a powerful conversion engine, driving up bookings with intuitive ease and smart automations that promise a smooth journey from browsing to booking.
  • Enhanced Functionalities: From integrating ElektraWeb for effortless reservations to offering informative event calendars, providing multi-language support, and seamless payment solutions with Iyizico, we’re equipping Babakamp with the tools for global engagement. This will create more interoperability between Wordpress and Elektraweb.
  • Expanding Market Reach: With a focus on enhancing online visibility, Babakamp's new digital presence will cast a wider net, capturing the imaginations of a diverse audience from all corners of the globe.


We were all set to present a comprehensive website solution that transforms the Figma designs into a visually stunning WordPress theme, creating a seamless shopping experience. With an integrated event calendar, a reliable payment gateway, a fully stocked online store, and an informative WordPress backend workshop, we're setting the stage for an enriched user journey and equipping you with the tools for effortless site management


We are developing a booking module that communicates with Electraweb, streamlining the reservation process, providing real-time availability information, enabling secure bookings, and offering customizable options. This module seamlessly integrates with the WordPress site and provides a user-friendly interface to enhance your business operations and customer experience.

The outcome

Babakamp's journey has been hindered by a digital presence that doesn't fully showcase its dynamic growth. The website, meant to be Babakamp's welcoming entrance to global visitors, felt short, with a reservation system that needed to be more reliable, a user experience that should have been more intuitive, and a visual story that must truly reflect Babakamp's vibrant essence. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the team at Dynamix Studio for their exceptional work, which has led to an outcome that not only fulfilled but delighted our client. 

Navigating through the complexities of integrating WordPress with Elektraweb, we have successfully unlocked the full potential of this project. This collaboration stands as a testament to the remarkable outcomes that can be achieved when design and development work in harmony, creating synergistic solutions that propel us forward.

Synergizing design and development boosts efficiency, fosters innovation, ensures cohesiveness, and delivers user-centric software solutions with enhanced functionality and aesthetic appeal in the end result

This was one of the many projects we've tackled with enthusiasm this year. We eagerly anticipate any questions you may have concerning this project or any other project. If you wish to embark on a project with us, please don't hesitate to reach out. Your success is our mission, and we're ready to make your vision a reality.

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