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Staff augmentation and dedicated teams

Scale your digital teams fast and reliable, so that you can focus on delivering business success
Recruit the best remote software developers to accelerate development
Scale up or down monthly, no commitment
Innovate rapidly with our skills, knowledge and resources
Trusted by leading brands & partners

Key benefits of staff augmentation

Lowering costs
Hiring and training a full-time team can be costly. Outsourcing can reduce costs related to salaries, benefits, office space, and resources needed for an in-house team
Access global talents
Get access to a global pool of skilled experts who might not be available locally. This means you can leverage the best skills and knowledge from around the world
Allow for greater flexibility as you can scale up or down depending on project needs, without the commitment of hiring or laying off full-time staff
Focus on the core
Outsourcing technical tasks allows your team to focus on strategic, core business functions, potentially improving overall efficiency and effectiveness
Fast time-to-market
Start your projects almost immediately, reducing the time it takes to hire, onboard, and train new employees
Innovation & expertise
We are at the forefront of technological developments, bringing innovative solutions and specialized expertise to the table

How we build 

Our search for the next Digital Athletes starts with a talent assessment in which we test competencies, aptitude and experience. Talent is not enough, we look for passion
The onboarding and training program prepares our Digital Athletes to make  big impact on client projects. They deepen knowledge, train hard and soft skills and focus on rigorous problem solving
We look for synergetic teaming to ensure we build high-performing teams that set ambitious goals, foster open communication, encourage collaboration and cultivate trust and leadership

Comparison with other hiring models

A staff augmentation approach is great when you need an extra boost to your development, either in a single team or across multiple teams. We integrate into existing rituals with ease
Staff Augmentation
Dedicated Teams
Project Outsourcing
Flexible scaling on-demand
Scale team size up and down as needed
The team is committed for the long-term
The project scope and team are set at the beginning
Ability to control & steer
You manage the team and individuals directly
The team is managed by us, but you control the requirements
We fully manage the project and its resources
Project management accountability
You remain responsible for the entire project management
We manage the process, you manage the requirements
We manage the entire project for you
Cost-effectiveness for short-term projects
Pay for talent as and when needed
The team is dedicated and costs are generally fixed and predictable
Depends on scope and timeline of the project
Access to specialized skills
Ability to hire specific expertise as needed
The team's skill set is generally broader and fixed
We match skill sets to the project requirements
Ideal for
Projects requiring specific skills or additional capacity
Long-term projects with evolving requirements
Projects with clearly defined scope and timelines

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We are Digital Athletes

We are passionate co-creators that like to stay ahead of the curve. Using the latest trends in engineering, cloud, data and AI, we build simple, innovative digital solutions to make your business thrive
25+ Digital Athletes
150+ Projects Done
3 Global Offices
Passion drives us at Olympia Tech. Our mission? To unleash your digital potential! We are the team behind your new initiatives!
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Meet some of our team members

Olympia Tech is home to Digital Athletes with an extreme passion for technology and business
Nedžad Paradžik
VP of Engineering
Darko Suljic
Elvedin Kaltak
Lejla Eminovic
Elmir Islam
Rijad Rogo

Our mission is to unleash the world's innovation power

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