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Unleash your digital potential

Building innovative digital solutions is a matter of craftmanship, expertise and having the power to execute when your business needs it the most
Digital product Development for SME

Innovate with our custom software solutions

A desire to Innovate your business? Plans to initiate a new project? At Olympia Tech, we specialise in the development of custom software solutions tailored to the unique needs of small and medium-sized businesses. Using the latest technologies and agile methods, we empower new businesses in overcoming challenges and achieving sustainable growth
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Digital Product Development for startups

Disrupt the market with your ideas

Every good plan starts with an idea . We are here to brainstorm, discuss and exchange ideas with you. Success lies in the execution of the plan. We are the team behind your digital vision hat brings the inspiration, knowledge and skills to make it a success
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Get ready to build the future with us

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Staff Augmentation

Remote digital teams empowered

With staff augmentation you can now scale your digital teams up and down as needed. Get the ability to hire specific expertise to fill short- or long-term capacity gaps - while saving costs of hiring and accommodating permanent staff
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Software modernisation for Saas companies

Innovation through software modernisation  

If your company has experienced growth or change, your software may no longer suffice. Have you, for instance, been relying on various software systems, but your business has recently grown substantially? When your software fails to evolve alongside your company, it no longer aligns with your processes, slowing down your business development. That's not just unfortunate – it's unacceptable. Let's discuss several solutions for scalability, efficiency and risk management
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